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8th Year of the PROHUMANA National CSR Ranking in Chile

Posted: Friday 27 July 12, 12.12pm GMT

PROhumana, a Chilean NGO with 16 years of experience in addressing the promotion and development of a culture of social responsibility and citizenship, released its eighth consecutive National CSR Ranking 2012.

This initiative, led by PROhumana, has evaluated more than 275 companies and measured the perceptions of 780 thousand workers. It is the largest body of information on the current state of social responsibility in the country and provides not only details on the practices and policies that companies are developing, but also the views of the employees of national and multinational companies with operations in Chile that participate in this assessment tool.

The PROhumana National CSR Ranking is a validated methodology that enables companies to measure, evaluate and improve the management of the company, facilitating the development of organisations in the long term. Through its Comprehensive Assessment and Survey of Workers tools it enables companies to learn about new CSR trends and cutting-edge issues in Chile.

The ‘Integrated Evaluation’ measures and establishes the existence, innovation, implementation, evaluation and communication of CSR policies and practices. Meanwhile the ‘Workers Survey’ reflects the internal culture of CSR, giving a figure for employee engagement with CSR.

Each of these tools is evaluated individually providing different scores for CSR policies and programs and the assessment made by the domestic public about them. The final result obtained by the company emerges from the average of two indicators that are weighted as follows: 60% Integrated Evaluation and 40% Workers Survey.

As a result of their participation, evaluated companies receive an accreditation seal which varies depending on their level of development of CSR.

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