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iVolunteer celebrates Valentines Day in seven cities through their ‘7 shades of Valentines Day’

Posted: Tuesday 14 March 17, 10.38am GMT

Mumbai: The day of love celebrated all around the world marked a special importance this year at iVolunteer across Seven cities. Volunteers and senior citizens celebrated the day which will be cherished for a long time!

IVolunteer’s mission to encourage people to share their time, skills and passion through volunteering to promote India’s social development was achieved efficiently by reaching out to a wider audience both online and offline. The goal was to break the stereotype of celebrating Valentine’s Day with people other than your partners and was received well by people in all seven cities targetted.

iVolunteer gained maximum engagement through:

  • #BeMyValentineas a hashtag was used to promote the campaign, so people can share this day with senior citizen and make them feel special.
  • Activities like dancing, singing and making paper bags with the help of volunteers was promoted both online and offline.
  • Considering the activities across all seven cities i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore, participation was at its peak as every individual contributed equally.


About iVolunteer: iVolunteer is a social enterprise that promotes volunteering by connecting volunteers and organisations in the social sector. iVolunteer aims to impact 12 social development areas and achieves its mission through a range of initiatives and a large network of individuals, NGOs, and corporate Organizations.

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