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Chile: 67% of the companies don’t have a board member in charge of CSR

Posted: Thursday 30 August 12, 8.46am GMT

Conclusions 8th PROhumana National Ranking on CSR

Santiago, August 2012 .- This is one of the main conclusions drawn from the eighth version of the PROhumana National Ranking on Corporate Social Responsibility 2012 that will award prizes to outstanding companies next Thursday august the 30th in W Hotel.

Forty companies from different industries participated in this edition; they were valued based on comprehensive assessments and surveys made to more than 11.000 employees.

In 2012 we observe that not only more companies register to be evaluated, but also, some of them register year after year and have been distinguished in each version of the ranking, showing continuous improvements. Some examples are: Banco Santander, BCI, Chilectra, Gerdau Aza, Falabella Retail, Forestal Mininco, Natura Cosméticos, Papeles Cordillera and Sodimac, which were nominated among the 19 outstanding companies for 2012 award.

The Ranking thus demonstrates that CSR in our country has evolved gradually, but constantly growing. Nevertheless, there is still a long road ahead; sign of it is that no company has reached maximum distinction accredited by Platinum Seal that recognizes the highest level of comprehensive development in CSR.

Companies distinguished this year are grouped as follows: 3 Gold, 4 Silver, 6 Bronze Seals and all the rest reached an Honorable Mention.

In version 2012, there were 12% more workers surveyed compared to 2011, of which 65% men and 35% women. The trend observed is that the responders are the higher seniority workers in the company (more than 11 years). And regarding instruction level, the highest proportion of the workers have a University Degree (33%) followed by a Technical Degree (20%)


  • 90% of the participating companies have an explicit CSR policy. Nevertheless, a high percentage of them don’t contemplate its implementation, evaluation and communication in their development practices.

  • Even more, only a 33% of them appoint a member of the board to safeguard the comprehensive management of CSR, explaining in this manner the weakness observed at national level in making CSR an integral part of the company’s objectives.
  • Although 60% of the companies contribute to public policies development, this figure is far from the OECD member countries where the private public Alliance is a key axis of sustainable human development management.
  • Only 57% of the companies have a strategy to deal with social inequity, which, according to the Ranking parameters, represents a medium level of comprehensive management, because of the companies’ lack of vision regarding the contribution they can make to overcome social inequity in our country.
  • Both water footprint and carbon footprint are subjects that have found their position in Chilean companies. In fact only 23% of the participant companies do not measure their carbon footprint. Now the challenge is to compensate these emissions.
  • 77% of the companies participate in organizations and Social Responsibility Networks and/or Sustainability. This figure becomes clear mainly in the better evaluated companies where partnership and sharing experiences and results are valuable elements in the development of comprehensive policies. There is also a clear increase in adherence to international CSR agreements.

About PROhumana
PROhumana – created in 1997 – is a Chilean not for profit organization that defines its identity as a DO TANK acting from a reflexive and critical prism, identifying and promoting good practices for sustainable and comprehensive human development. Doing work in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and citizens responsibility ; promotion of spaces for dialog and encounter of the actors representative of diversity; constitution and coordination of cooperation networks; development of methodologies for the implementation and evaluation of CSR and specialized advisory services.

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