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2012: More volunteers, greater impact

Posted: Thursday 31 May 12, 8.23am GMT

Source: Glasswing International web page, May 2012

In 2011, Glasswing International mobilized more than 10,000 volunteers. The majority were volunteers in the educational sector.

USAID and Glasswing’s partners have invested close to a million dollars in education during this year. New books, equipment for science labs, renovated roofs, enlarged teaching spaces, new kitchens, sports courts, and extracurricular classes are some of the benefits that more than 40,000 students from Glasswing schools have received during the year 2011 thanks to the investment of a diverse group of companies and the work of 15,000 volunteers.

“The support of companies has been huge, and El Diario de Hoy is an example of that”, explains executive director of Glasswing, Ken Baker, referring to the partnerships between companies and schools, among which USAID has distinguished itself by matching private sector contributions dollar-for-dollar to increase community impact.

“We greatly appreciate their constant efforts to improve the situation of the country’s children” stated the director of USAID, Carl Derrick, referring to Glasswing’s work in the educational community and the parents of families that also participate in volunteer projects. Recently, the employees of USAID, together with the U.S. Ambassador, Mari Carmen Aponte, joined the group of volunteers in support of C.E. Las Flores, a public school in San Juan Opico, La Libertad. In this way, USAID commemorated their fiftieth anniversary with the desire to leave a lasting stamp on the community and continue accomplishing their goal of bolstering the development of the country.

USAID was started on November 3, 1961 by President John F. Kennedy. For 2012, Glasswing hopes to extend their projects to more schools and continue with the work in the area of community health, thus, it is imperative to have even more volunteers support children in their efforts to learn english, reading, math, singing and dancing, art, and, above all, strong moral values. The support for emergency first response groups will also continue.

Glasswing is grateful to all of their volunteers for sharing their time and making it possible that more students grow with health, happiness, and hope.

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