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10 years of CSR reporting in Poland

Posted: Friday 10 March 17, 10.32am GMT

For the last 10 years, the Responsible Business Forum has partnered with Deloitte in the organization of the CSR Reports Competition, devised to popularise non-financial reporting and to showcase relevant good corporate practices. Every year, the jury selects companies which engage in a dialogue with stakeholders and clearly, transparently and credibly present their accomplishments in the reports they publish. On the occasion of the round anniversary of the first edition of the competition, a video and an infographic have been prepared to review the last decade of non-financial reporting in Poland.

The CSR Reports competition is the first initiative of its kind in Poland. For ten years now, it has been helping to assess how non-financial data, including ESG (E – environmental, S – social and G – governance) components, is disclosed. The jury, made up of business community experts, NGOs and government institutions, selects companies which engage in a dialogue with stakeholders and clearly, transparently and credibly present their accomplishments in the reports they publish. The winning reports are selected in the following categories: main prize and best debut (where winners are chosen by the expert jury), as well as journalists’ and Internet users’ prizes. Special mentions are also awarded. For more information, visit: raportyspoleczne.pl

“From the beginning of the CSR Reports Competition, the Responsible Business Forum has been the co-organizer of the project, thus supporting the advancement of non-financial reporting in Poland. The anniversary edition of the competition coincides with the work of Polish authorities on the implementation of the ground-breaking EU directive regarding the disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by certain large companies and groups. We hope that this will contribute to increased transparency and corporate social responsibility, both in the business circles and in the wider environment, so that we can all build our future with the next generation in mind” – says Mirella Panek-Owsiańska, President of the Responsible Business Forum and the Head of the Main Jury of the CSR Reports Competition.

“We can see that increasingly more companies are embracing non-financial and integrated reporting. This type of reporting offers them an opportunity to have a more holistic and strategic overview of their organizations, evaluate their impact on the economic and social surrounding, as well as on the environment. It may also provide firms with new business opportunities. Moreover, financial and non-financial data transparency makes companies more credible among internal and external stakeholders. I hope that since from the beginning of 2017 large public interest entities in the EU are required to disclose non-financial data and diversity information other companies will follow their path and thus strengthen the condition of Polish and Central European businesses” – says Irena Pichola, a Deloitte partner and the Leader of Sustainability Consulting Central Europe.

A Decade of Reporting

The official CSR Reports anniversary gala was an opportunity to look back at the ten years of non-financial reporting by Polish companies, as well as to analyse the ongoing changes and new trends.
The number of reporting companies has been increasing steadily since 2007. The number of reporting non-business organizations is also growing – the previous year five such reports were entered, which is a record number in the history of the project.
The vast majority of reports are already drafted in accordance with the GRI guidelines and companies increasingly often opt for integrated reports, i.e. a single publication with both financial and non-financial data, based on international guidelines. Seeking to enhance the credibility of their non-financial or integrated reports, companies rely on third-party data verification. Importantly, more and more of them place corporate social responsibility (CSR) at the core of their strategy. Information about the changes and trends in social reporting have been summarized in the infographic prepared for the competition anniversary and in a video which looks back at the ten years of CSR reporting in Poland.

All CSR reports which have been entered into the competition in the course of its history are available here.

32 reports were entered into the 10th edition, including 8 by first-time entrants, 7 integrated reports and 5 reports from non-business institutions. Among the entries, the Main Jury, the Journalists’ Jury, Internet users, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Stock Exchange chose the awardees in six categories, as well as the participants to receive special mentions.



Responsible Business Forum in Poland is the largest non-governmental organisation in Poland, and an NGO with the longest history of operation in the country (since 2000). It approaches the idea of corporate social responsibility in a multifaceted way. The Forum is a think-and-do-tank, which promotes a responsible approach to business in a way which takes account of the environmental and social impacts. The Forum’s mission: We inspire business that changes the world and provide a meeting place for people who change business. We promote sustainable development. http://odpowiedzialnybiznes.pl/english/

Deloitte is one of the leading advisory firms providing world-class professional services. For more than 25 years in Poland we have been providing our clients with top quality services, combining global knowledge and resources of more than 225 000 people working in 150 countries with valuable experience of local market professionals. Deloitte’s Sustainability Consulting CE team provides support to Polish and Central European companies in their transformation from economically-oriented entities to organizations that consciously build their value through active management of the economic, social and environmental impact. We assist our clients in drawing up non-financial or integrated according to the most internationally recognized reporting guiAdelines – GRI and IIRC. Our approach is convergent with Deloitte’s global purpose statement of “Making an impact that matters”.

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