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Promoting Sustainable Business in Finland

Posted: Wednesday 25 July 12, 8.27am GMT

FiBS’ multi-stakeholder concept, diverse membership services and it’s unique position as an impartial expert in the CSR field are the main reasons FiBS has managed to establish its leading role in its field in Finland.



Can you tell us about a key CSR issue your organisation is focussing on at the moment?

The three CSR issues we at Finnish Business & Society (FiBS) are focusing on at the moment are green economy and innovation, diversity and inclusion and CSR in building trust and competitive edge. Green economy is topical not only because of the Rio+20 conference, but in Finland the green issues that are particularly current at the moment are CSR in the mining industry, the Arctic regions and the Baltic Sea. Diversity and inclusion are current issues due to the fact that Finnish workforce is ageing rapidly and businesses need to reform their recruiting as well as their work well-being policies. Finally rebuilding trust in companies is as important in Finland as in other countries, and we will be introducing the concept of creating shared value by Michael Porter in our upcoming business leader’s event in November as one of the practices companies might like to consider in their strategic planning in the future.

Can you tell us about a programme you are running?

One of the main programmes we are running this year is launching Finland’s diversity charter and building a diversity network for businesses, which will part of the European diversity charter network. The network will be officially launched in October but already businesses are able to join in and take part in the events relating to it. We are also currently preparing for our second Marketplace taking place in May 2013 in Helsinki which will be the biggest CSR event in Finland so far.

Can you tell us about your strategic vision for the next 5-10 years?

We’ll be renewing our strategy for the next five years this year but at the moment our strategic goals include developing our member services, acquiring new members, and networking with our international partners in Europe and especially in the Nordic countries. At the moment FiBS has 194 members, most of them businesses. At the beginning of this year we have already acquired 27 new members including some the biggest companies in Finland such as Nokia, Metso and ISS Services Finland.

Do any of your campaigns or programmes rely on businesses collaborating to achieve a common goal?

Diversity Charter Finland which will be launched in October is one of the programmes which aims to bring businesses together not only to develop their own diversity management capabilities but also to promote diversity and inclusion in Finland in general. The main challenge of the programme is to raise organization’s awareness of the benefits of diversity which has not been on the agenda of most of the Finnish workplaces so far, but also at the same time to broaden their vision of diversity management to include not just employees but also customers and other stakeholders.

Photo of Tarja Laakkonen Contributed by
Tarja Laakkonen
Communications Manager, Finnish Business & Society (FiBS)

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