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Tarja Laakkonen
Communications Manager, Finnish Business & Society (FiBS)
Finnish Business & Society (FiBS)

Tarja Laakkonen is currently the Communications Manager of Finland’s leading CSR network Finnish Business & Society (FiBS). After completing her master’s degree at Helsinki University majoring in communications in 1997, she worked in various companies before starting at FiBS in 2006. Working in a small yet constantly growing CSR network has offered her a chance to utilize her working experience in marketing and communications at its full scale, and at the same time learn all about CSR while making Finnish enterprises aware of the business opportunities of sustainablity. FiBS also offers an unique opportunity to observe at close range the development of sustainablity practices in different companies, and network across industries and other branches in ways that one can only dream of in most other positions, be it in a company or an NGO.

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