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Photo of Catherine Sermon

Catherine Sermon
Director of Visioning the Future, Business in the Community
Business in the Community (BITC)

Catherine has been Director of the Visioning the Future work programme at Business in the Community since 2011, where she leads this developing area of work around transformational change for business.  Catherine joined Business in the Community in 1998 after completing a Master of Arts in Marketing.  She has held a number of posts including campaigning, research and development, and advisory services.  This has involved working with business leaders and practitioners across sectors, numerous Government departments and developing cross-sector partnerships.  In 2005, Catherine established the Business Action on Health campaign focused on embedding workplace health into the responsible business agenda. In 2007, Catherine oversaw the development of the CommunityMark standard and in 2008 Catherine was appointed as National Community Impact Director, with strategic responsibility across all Community campaigns and programmes.

Catherine Sermon has contributed the following articles:

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