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Magazine Issue 13: Key Trend - The Contribution of Business in International Development

Editor’s Welcome

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Business is increasingly being seen as a key player in international development in order to meet the needs of our poorest global communities.  From the business perspective, with the world’s fastest growing economies in Africa and Asia, companies are seeing opportunities for further growth in emerging and developing markets and development issues are being addressed by International Corporate Responsibility strategies more and more.
That is why in this month’s issue, we take a closer look to it.

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Aitzole Araneta
BITC International Marketing and Communications Officer

Cover Story

Business and the UN MDGs Post 2015 – Changing context: Business opportunity

Contributed by Sue Adkins

In less than 1000 days, the world is due to keep true to its promise to the deliver the UN Millennium Development Goals, (MDGs), the framework that almost 200 governments signed up to in 2000 to address the most pressing issues of the world’s poorest by 2015. Much has been achieved but there is still much to do.

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