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How to Work For Children

Uploaded: Wednesday 15 December 10, 3.19pm GMT

Language: English
Document type: Publications
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A new publication developed by IARSE for Empresas por la Infancia.

The publication is a Guide for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Large Corporations in the Promotion of Children’s Rights is presented by the ARCOR FOUNDATION, C&A FOUNDATION and SAVE THE CHILDREN.

This work was carried out under the technical and institutional supervision of Lucía Losoviz and Cecilia Delaney (Save the Children), Santos Lio, Javier Rodríquez and Vanina Triverio (Arcor Foundation) and Verónica Aftalion (C&A Foundation) in the framework of a cooperation agreement with the Argentine Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility Foundation (IARSE) in alliance with UNICEF.

Authors of the work: Alicia Rolando de Serra,María Laura Porrini, Luis Ulla – Cases: Cecilia Sánchez, Jimena Mercado, Luis Ulla.

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