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Corporate Volunteering: Share the Values

Partner: Business for Society
Event date: Thursday 3 September 2015
Location: Czech Republic
Contact details: Website

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Business for Society are organising their annual summer conference on corporate volunteering in Prague.

Thursday 3rd September 2015

9.30 am to 3.30 pm

Palata, Na Hrebenkách 737/5, Prague 5

Sponsored by LMC, Tchibo Praha, GSK, ZapojÍm se

Participation is free of charge and the conference will be held in the Czech language. The presentation in English will be translated.

The event includes panel discussions on:
1. Strategy and vision of the global and the Czech volunteering

Panel Members include:
• Stephanie Poppendoerfer (Business in the Community): Measurement, Community Investment, Global benchmarking, Current global trends

• Jana Kadanová (GSK): Experiences from international program PULSE

• Simona Kanoková (CEZ): Effective cooperation between businesses and the community

• Lenka Cábelová (Microsoft): in progress

• Jan König (Ergo Aktiv): Community benefits of corporate volunteering

2. Pro-bono and skill based volunteering

Panel Members include:
• Lenka Mašková (Tchibo Praha) – Connection between core business and employees pro bono activities

• Jana Krajcarová, HR reditelka (GSK) – pro bono program in consulting and pharmaceutical business

• Tomáš Dombrovský (LMC) – pro bono as a part of corporate CSR strategy

• Alena Fiedlerová (Rettigovka) – benefits of pro bono activities for social enterprises

For registration and further information please contact; Martina Flídrová, 732184557, flidrova@byznysprospolecnost.cz

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