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Who We Are

CSR360 Global Partner Network is a global network of not-for-profit organisations working with businesses to improve their positive impact on society.

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The Partners

CSR360 Global Partner Network focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has a presence in all the continents of the world.

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How to become a partner

If you or your organisation is interested in becoming part of CSR360 Global Partner Network please download the "Expression of Interest form"

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Our Partners

CSR360 has reached its current number of 124 partner organisations from its beginnings 14 years ago. The network which focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has a presence in all the continents of the world and encompasses 64 countries in total.

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Partner Spotlight

Impronta Etica

Bologna , Italy, Europe

Impronta Etica was established in 2001 for the promotion and development of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Its mission is to promote sustainable development, by creating a network between companies and organisations willing to share their experiences and experiment innovative CSR practices. Indeed, it is crucial to create and fasten links between them, to facilitate contacts with similar national institutions, and to promote active participation in international and supranational institutions concerned with business ethics and accountability.

Impronta Etica sets up working groups and joint initiatives between its members, looking for new methods and experiences, and ensures efficient update on best practices and initiatives carried out both nationally Italy and at an international level in the field of CSR.

Impronta Etica is also committed to make Italy a crucial actor in Europe on CSR issues and sustainable development. To this end, the Association…

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